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Meeting Point

MEETING POINT: FONTANA DEL NETTUNO-NEPTUNE FOUNTAIN is located in Piazza Maggiore (the main square), in a traffic restricted area, so it is possible to reach it only on foot or by taxi/blue car.
Private coaches have to ask for a special permission to the Municipality of Bologna (, or to the local traffic officers department ( in order to approach the Main Square.

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MEETING POINT: PIAZZA MALPIGHI-MALPIGHI SQUARE there is the drop-off/pick-up PAY area for tourist coaches, and it is 7 minutes walking distance from Piazza Maggiore (the main square).
A few minutes stop is allowed just for the pick-up/drop-off operation. It is not a parking area so the bus must leave the area as soon as possible and it may park at the Bus Station ( with a fee to pay, otherwise coaches can park for free outside the City Medieval Walls.

The pay pick-up/drop-off area of Piazza Malpighi, normally, costs euro 100.00 per bus but if the group is using a local guide with license there is a discount and the cost is euro 60.00 per bus. Payment of the entry permit must be made by the group/organizer/ agency/carrier ON LINE only, within the day before arrival in Bologna. Payment is made by connecting to the link

Download and print the map to reach Piazza Malpighi JPG


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