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Province of Ravenna

The Province of Ravenna offers interesting historical-artistic itineraries and even natural. Here are FEW examples.


A medieval village out of time, with its cobbled streets, the route of the donkeys, the mill for an extraordinary extra virgin olive oil d.o.p., the majestic fortress, the sanctuary of Monticino and the imposing clock tower and the evocative church Pieve del Tho with its 2000 years of history.



One of the most important centers in the world for the production of ceramic art. You can visit not only the charming old town and the wonderful ceramics museum, but you can also visit a local workshop where with your own hands and you can try to create a unique object.


In this small town you can visit the fascinating archaeological park of a rich Roman house with its beautiful mosaic floors, an antiquarium of the Roman villa and an interesting Pinacoteca kept in the beautiful medieval castle.


The Regional Park of the Po River Delta and the Regional Gypsum Vein Park of Romagna are located in the province of Ravenna. The first, located in the plains, is famous worldwide for the opportunity to bird watching and the second offers, on its beautiful hills, unforgettable hiking and caving tours.

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