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City of Ferrara

Ferrara is a splendid city of art, to be enjoyed by walking its streets, its character - this magnificent Renaissance capital - revealed on every corner. Through its glorious past you can understand the roots of its present. The Este family governed here for three centuries and gave the city the appearance it has today: a uniquely planned city, harmoniously fusing Mediaeval and Renaissance, Europe's first modern city. It is precisely these characteristics that secured its UNESCO World Heritage status.


The classical half-day tour of the old town includes the exterior of the imposing Castello Estense, the interior of the majestic Romanesque cathedral, the Jewish ghetto and the streets of the Medieval and Renaissance historical city center.

If you want to spend the whole day then you can also add the interiors of Schifanoia Palace with its famous frescoes, the National Art Gallery in Palazzo dei Diamanti, or the mysterious fourteenth-century frescoes of the monastery of St. Anthony in Polesine.

Finally, why not hire a bike and follow the profile of the city walls still perfectly preserved?

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