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Province of Parma


Busseto was the capital of the small Pallavicino State, prosperous in the XVth century and today it is famous above all for being connected to the composer Giuseppe Verdi. The itinerary starts from the nearby hamlet of Roncole, the birthplace of the great artist, then arrives in Busseto which, although small, offers many visiting opportunities. The medieval fortress, now the town hall, the XIXth century Verdi Theater, Casa Barezzi where Giuseppe Verdi lived with his wife and which preserves many testimonies of the composer and his family life. The suggestive and splendid Renaissance villa of the Pallavicino family now houses the Giuseppe Verdi National Museum and in the stables the Renata Tebaldi Museum. Finally the beautiful XVth century church of San Bartolomeo and the church of Santa Maria degli Angeli with the famous Lamentation.



The town of Langhirano is famous all over the world for the production of the exquisite Prosciutto di Parma DOP, which has also deserved a museum fully dedicated to it. In addition to the gastronomic aspect, although very important, Langhirano offers a visit to one of the most evocative castles in Italy, the Torrechiara castle, a set of numerous and famous international movies. Not far from the castle you should not miss the Renaissance Benedictine abbey of Santa Maria della Neve with its suggestive cloister.



Fidenza is a small city of art whose masterpiece is certainly its Duomo. With its 1000 years it is a masterpiece of Romanesque architecture located on the Via Francigena, one of the ancient medieval pilgrimage routes to Rome. Fidenza also preserves a beautiful historical theater, museums and interesting churches. Not far from the town there is also the Stirone Natural Park for lovers of nature, hiking and fossils. Those who want to go shopping can indulge themselves in the Fidenza Village Outlet, with many boutiques of national and international brands for luxury shopping at reduced prices, in an evocative architecture, inspired by Verdi's works



Fontanellato has been recognized as a “cittàslow”, for its exquisite cuisine, for its slow and peaceful atmosphere, for the quality of life and for its artistic emergencies. The symbol of Fontanellato is certainly its fortress surrounded by a suggestive moat. The splendid furnished rooms recall the life of the Sanvitale family who resided here for over 600 years. The most precious treasure of this castle is the Room of Diana and Actaeon a masterpiece of the great painter Parmigianino. Fontanellato also has a beautiful historical theater, some remarkable churches, ancient villas and an unusual botanical park, the Labirinto della Masone, an enchanted place very similar to the Wonderland visited by Alice.



Soragna is famous for the splendid castle built in the XIVth century by the Princes Lupi who have always been the owners and still live there after 700 years. The section open to the public houses important masterpieces of art and a magnificent cycle of Renaissance frescoes. Not far from the fortress is the Parmigiano Reggiano DOP museum, housed in a traditional "casello”, the ancient name of the dairies that produce this delicacy.

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