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Province of Modena


Sassuolo is famous for the beautiful Dukes Palace: a true gem of Northern Italian Baroque. The palace is richly frescoed and decorated by the Franch artist Jean Boulanger - official painter of the Este court - and with whom some of the most important Bolognese portrait painters worked.


Lying between river and hills, Vignola is famous for its cherries and the flowering period of its trees attracts tourists from all over the world. The old town, enclosed in medieval walls, preserves the suggestive charm of the past. The Fortress is a magnificent example of architecture of the thirteenth century and inside are preserved beautiful frescoes from 1300 to 1500.


The pretty village of Nonantola preserves a valuable treasure in Europe: the Romanesque Abbey of San Silvestro and the Benedictine monastery, founded in the eighth century. The Museum of the church preserves evidence of the key role this had in the past. Autograph manuscripts of the most important emperors and popes (Charlemagne, Frederick Redbeard, Julius II to name a few). It is possible also to admire some unique pieces of the XII century belonged to Matilda of Canossa and paintings of prestige from the Middle Ages to the Baroque


The town keeps a remarkable artistic heritage.
Piazza Re Astolfo is the heart of the medieval city, onto which face "the Sagra", a beautiful church with its Romanesque sculptures and paintings.
Piazza dei Martiri (third biggest in Italy) in the heart of the Renaissance city, onto which faces the Palazzo dei Pio, the Cathedral, the Theatre, the Council Building, the Portico del Grano and the 52 arches of the Portico Lungo.

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